Thursday, February 24, 2005

Please Lord

Please Lord

Please tell me why I feel this way.
Please tell me why I feel this pain.
Please before I fall a sleep
Please Lord, Im sinking to deep.
Please Lord, Im sinking to deep.

Is it that my heart has gone cold
Is it that I dont do what Im told
Is that Ive rejected your peace
Please Lord, Im sinking to deep.
Please Lord, Im sinking to deep.

Have I rejected your peace to many times
So now, my truths sound as lies.
Oh Lord Im sinking to deep,
Save me, before I fall asleep.
Save me, before I fall asleep.

Memories of broken hearts,
Ring to loud for me.
Please Lord Im fadeing to grey,
Lend me your hand, and pave the way.
Lend me your hand, and pave the way.

Oh Lord, you broke my striff.
Oh Lord, you gave me peace.
Thank your lord for saveing me.
Now Im going to fall asleep.
Now Im going to fall asleep.

I sometimes wonder

I sometimes wonder

I sometimes wonder what you think of me.
I wonder, if I asked you to draw a picture,
And made sure you colored in the eyes
Are you right, are you wroung

I sometimes wonder if it matters much.
I wonder, if you knew, understood, who I was.
Would you still be reading me
Would you still, Would you still.

I sometime wonder why I write.
I wonder, Is it all just for the fame of things.
Maybe I should stop typeing up my thaughts
Maybe not, Maybe not.

Then I remeber that
It does not matter what you think of me
It does not matter if you know.
It does not matter if I stop
For in a hundred years,
Still my fans will grow
I know that might sound concited
But think of it this way.
When I am long passed dead
My history here, will be alive
I am imortalized upon a page
that really does note exest
But still, I am.

There is a WINDOW in my heart

There is a WINDOW in my heart

There is a Window in my heart.
It opens to the death of love.
It opens to the birth of hate.
There is a song within my soul.
A quite calm, powerful song
Of war and peace. Of misery.
There is a battle for my heartfor my soul.
I wish it not to be,
But still the battle holds on to me down.
It forces me to hide my love in an envoulpe
An envolupe sent off to burn in chirsm flames.
It forces me to show my hate,
And amplife it in song.
The quite calm, powerful song,
Of Misery.

Monday, February 21, 2005

Rocking Chair

Rocking Chair

Im sitting on the rocking chair of life.
Rocking in,
Rocking out.

Im sitting on the rocking chair of pain.
Broken hearts,
Broken shame.

Im sitting on the rocking chair of life,
Rocking love.
Rocking hate.

Im Sitting on the Rocking chiar.
Rocking with someone.
Rocking all alone.

Im Rocking by the lyable,
Of a fallen mother.
Rocking by the screams,
Of a happy lover.

Im sitting on this rocking chair of life.
................................................of death.
................................................of greed.
................................................of joy.

Crying hidden tears.
Laughing open joys.
On the rocking chiar of life.


Sunday, February 20, 2005

Broken, Curred Ignoence

Broken, Curred Ignoence

Im left on this battle field,
With a broken heart, and a broken sheild.
Left to look at new friends,
Like old, leave again.

*(read below if you want to see what used to be here)

They welcomed us with fritend faces,
and we slowly taught them joy.
But is joy,
What we belive it to be?

Money never gave me hope.
A hero, I never wanted to be.
Have we over Idolized,
A few, three.

What about the happy pessent?
What about the farmer?
What about all those,
Who were all aready happy?

What about the lowly thinker?
Who was happy pore.
You corected him of his ignoence,
and sent him off to war.

Im left on this battle feild,
With a torn soul, and broken sheild.
Left to endure brainwashed Ideals
like old, leave again.


*We came here with high hopes.
We came here to win.
We came here knowing we were right,
And were left, thinking.


Im sitting at your doorstep, Im sitting all alone.
You told me that, you loved me.
But that was just, a lie you feed to me.
And Now,
I walk,

Remember sweet october?
When we walked, down the beach.
I remember.
and it,
hanuts my soul.
Im sitting on your doorstep
All alone.

You tore my heart away.
And left me apart to bleed.
You tore my heart away.
and left me here to cry today!

Im sitting on your doorstep
Ive relized some thing


Friday, February 18, 2005

I am the one in the corner

read first only the bold
then read on the italic
then read it as one

I am the one in the corner
..... Crunched real low
..... In my hole i go

The one you can't see
..... Never the real
..... Only the diguese

I hide my face
..... My life
..... My death

And protect my mind
..... Don't change me
..... Don't change me

From your impossible lies
..... Your lies
..... Are my lies
..... And thats why
..... You are also in the corner

I am the one in the corner

Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Story Update

I have a few things to tell you about where my current story is going. If you read Ideas To Explore on BLINDWISE, you will see alot of where I am going with this idea.

The idea is to show what man is. So though I am not up to, or wantting to tell you about what is going on in the story. The article listed above should explane the philosphy behind the story.

If it does not, one could always comment. (HINT HINT)

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

I have been...more latter.

I have been working on a new story. As I said in the last post, It will not be posted on this blog, or on any until it is done, and only then if I don't think I can get it published.

The question that the story asks is, What is the essence of man? I hope to show a very different view points to this, that over time fall down to be the same thing.

The main characters are a photography, a fictional newspaper writer, an actress, a priest and a bar owner.

Well, that is about all I know right now, so I shale tell more latter.

Tuesday, February 01, 2005


WOW! I have not posted here in a long time. And I am sorry to say that there is more bad news. I will not be postting here that often. Not because I have stopped writeing, but yet because I am doing so much writing. is were you can see some of my work that I never put on here, so go check it out